Maternity Session // Heidi + Scott

Man, what a feeling it is to be posting these lush green, sundressy photos when all there is outside is sticks and dirt snow. I am terribly far behind. The baby bump in these photos is now a 1.5 month old baby boy named Gavin!

This was a session that took place in the tumultuous time between summer and fall. Initially, we met up despite the chance of rain and 5 minutes into the session, the skies dumped WATERFALLS on us and it wound up being one of the biggest storms of the season! After rescheduling twice due to rain, and getting super nervous as the due date was approaching, we finally had a successful session together! Heidi and Scott are such a fantastic, adorable couple, so excited to be first-time parents. I loved getting to work with them back in September! (Even though I mistakenly called Scott “Josh” the whole time. What a mess.)

There’s just something about maternity sessions that I absolutely love and I wish I got more of them. There’s always a gentle, comfortable love that surrounds the session with a smidge of anticipation. They’re so beautiful.



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