Backyard Barn Wedding // Stephanie + Jake

Am I the Backyard Wedding Queen yet? Cause I should be. These things are my JAM! I absolutely loved how laid back and casual the vibe was at Stephanie and Jake’s wedding- it fits exactly who they are! Super kind, chill, go-with-the-flow types who just want to have an amazing time in their own relaxed way surrounded by family and friends.

Also worthy of noting: this wedding was when I tasted the best mac and cheese of my entire life, compliments of Flying Rhino . I still dream of it to this day.

The day started off at the historic Hotel Northampton, where I spent the morning bouncing back and forth between the bride and groom’s suites. The insanely talented hair and makeup artists from Brighteyes Beauty Bar were an absolute joy to work with and I so highly recommend them. At one point, Jake handed me a letter to hand to Stephanie, to start off the morning of their wedding. Seeing Stephanie’s expression as she read through his love letter was a moment that was just so real and beautiful. And then the whole room was in tears.

The ceremony took place under two gigantic pine trees and was just so minimally gorgeous and natural. When nature is tied into a day like that, you can’t go wrong. The ceremony was so sweet and simple, and the way Jake looked at his bride – you could just tell she’s his whole world.

And then came the reception which was straight FIRE. The DJ, DJ Blackout kept the dance floor going for HOURS. Every single person seemed to have the time of their lives and no one was shy about bringing their finest dance moves to the floor (including me. You put on some Whitney Houston and I can’t hold it in). Outside of the tent, a campfire burned and a few guests tossed around a game of cornhole.

The whole event took place on a friend’s new farm. Personally, I think it would make an absolutely incredible full-time wedding venue.

This was such a perfect summer wedding and I’m so glad to have met Stephanie and Jake <3

Hair and makeup: Brighteyes Beauty Bar
DJ: DJ Blackout
Catering: The Flying Rhino Cafe



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