Backyard Wedding // Kelly + Taylor

Ohhhh you guys. Some weddings are just so inspiring to me and I’ll think about them basically every day for months afterwards. Kelly and Taylor’s was one of them for sure. With their eclectic, nontraditional tastes, they made their wedding something that was so deeply personal to them on every level. I was flat out obsessed. From the purple suit to Kelly’s jumpsuit and faux fur coat to the meaningful first dance song, I can’t talk about this wedding enough.

We started the day at a charming old hotel called The Hancock Inn where Kelly did her own hair and makeup, surrounded by amazing, encouraging women. As she got into her wedding dress (that I was in love with), she told the story of how she picked it out. She had never really thought of the dress she would wear on her wedding day and had asked Taylor what he pictured seeing her wearing the day they got married. He thought about it for a moment and said “the one Jenny from Forrest Gump wore”. I dieeeeee.

The chapel ceremony that followed was something so unreal I still can’t believe how lucky I was to have been there. It took place at this tiny hidden chapel on a lake. I had never seen anything like this before and I felt as though I was in a hundreds-year-old church somewhere in Ireland. A rich, midnight blue covered the ceiling, and while a warm summer rain pattered on the roof, Kelly and Taylor were married.

After the ceremony, we snapped some photos as the rain cleared up and as we headed to the reception, the skies opened up again and it rained. All. Night. Long. But that didn’t stop the party and not a single person was bothered by it. The reception took place at a gorgeous, unique cottage on the lake that has been in Taylor’s family for generations called Loon Point. So many danced in the rain, just feeling all the joy of the day to the fullest extent. It was perfect.

Hotel: The Hancock Inn
Caterer: Fiddleheads
Dress: Christy Dawn
Jumpsuit: BHLDN
DJ: Marissa Sarder (she’s absolutely amazing, seriously.)
Rentals: Monadnock Tent and Event
Cookies: Dublin General Store



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    What a romantic day. Beautiful pictures.

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