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OOOOOKAY WELL THIS WAS THE MATERNITY SESSION OF DREAMS. Preslie made this night an absolute show-stopper. Those dresses, her makeup, that hat as a versatile accessory, and of course, that cute baby bump.

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OOOOOKAY WELL THIS WAS THE MATERNITY SESSION OF DREAMS. Preslie made this night an absolute show-stopper. Those dresses, her makeup, that hat as a versatile accessory, and of course, that cute baby bump.

Preslie // Artesia, New Mexico Maternity Session

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Here it is!! The first wedding after being terrified to leave my house for months, and it was just down the street from my house in Carlsbad, New Mexico. All about the baby steps, right?

Adelaide and Ramon are the example of perseverance. The amount of times they had to change their plans was unbelievable, and when they could still have a wedding, they worked around every restriction and found ways to go about it safely. Though looking out over a ceremony of people wearing masks is a little sobering, it’s so much better than nothing. It was so amazing to see even a smaller group of people come together in a pandemic to celebrate Addy and Ramon’s love. It truly is unstoppable.

Adelaide & Ramon // Backyard Wedding in New Mexico

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This session was such a long time coming! At some points it seemed like the universe was telling us “absolutely not, this session must not exist”. The weather was never on our side, cars kept running into problems, a whole PANDEMIC. Four hours into driving to one of the last attempts, the skies turned almost […]

Candace & Carter // Mommy & Me Session

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So I made a little elopement happen. It’s no big wedding. But it is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been wanting to document more of. Due to the pandemic, people have been looking into eloping more than ever before, often making it their plan B. I want to let couples know they can feel comfortable with eloping and that so many of the myths about them are just that: myths! Families won’t be upset. It won’t feel any less special than a big wedding does. It doesn’t even have to be just the two of you! Eloping is the freedom of doing absolutely anything you want and to adopt possibilities that would not have been feasible with a big wedding. Elopements are liberating. And badass.

Lizette &Jacob // A Styled El Paso Elopement

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Here’s the amazing Allie coming in hot with her debut solo album, straight from Carlsbad, New Mexico. Man this girl is the BEST! Every business needs people who continue to come back, who spread the word about you, and who get you so excited to do your job every time you work together. Allie is […]

Allie // Birthday Portrait Session in Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Think about the amount of time it would take for you and your bridesmaids/families to get ready. Then add two hours. Yes, seriously. Hair and makeup frequently goes overtime and you want to be able to relax and breathe. The most important part of getting ready is just being able to hang out with the people you’re surrounded by! Accompanied by Beyonce and mimosas, usually. Bonus: the more time you have leftover, the more time you have to get some photos done of yourself and the bridal party! The more photos you knock out early, the more free time later on.

How to Get the Best Possible Getting Ready Photos at Your Wedding

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In my six years of shooting over 75 weddings, there’s questions I’ve been asked by clients to give them the peace of mind to document their wedding days. Weddings only happen once and can’t be recreated! Because of this, it’s absolutely necessary to find a photographer who has experience, confidence, and integrity. Here’s some questions to ask as you begin your adventure of finding the perfect photographer!

Ten Questions To Ask Your Photographer Before Booking!

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No lie, I must have gasped at least 100 times at this wedding. This is a shining example of what I want for every couple: a wedding day that reflects exactly who you are, incorporates the things you love, and makes you feel completely at home, surrounded by the things you value most. Everything about Kailey and Matt’s wedding day just screams THEM. No one besides them had a say in how to decorate, no one protested their desire to do anything unconventional. They invited the people that meant the absolute most to them. Because of this, their wedding was completely unforgettable because there will never be anything exactly like it. It was unapologetically everything that Kailey and Matt are and more. I’m SO excited to show this day off!

A Mystical October Wedding // Kailey & Matt

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Sometimes, you just gotta head out into the desert and take photos for fun! I can’t emphasize enough how much photos don’t need to have a purpose! Sometimes you’re just feeling yourself, have an awesome idea, or feel inspired. These moments are worth documenting just as much as a wedding. This session was exactly the breath of fresh air I needed after a busy wedding season.

Meg // Portrait Session in Carlsbad, New Mexico

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Here I am again with another Fall session in the northeast when it’s basically summer in the southwest. I cannot WAIT to go back to having regular work to show off but I am definitely grateful for the opportunity to blog October sessions, which never happens any other year! This is Mary and Nate. They […]

October Engagement Session // Mary & Nate