Rarities Books Engagement // Wakefield, Rhode Island

It was a chilly winter day when Mary and Andrew had their engagement photos taken at Rarities Books and Bindery. Rarities Books is a cozy bookstore located in the charming town of Wakefield, Rhode Island, and was such an incredible location for engagement photos. As soon as we all stepped inside, we were enchanted by the warm ambiance and the shelves upon shelves of books, some of which were rare and antique.

As they wandered through the store, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The smell of old books and the soft light filtering in through the windows set the perfect mood for their engagement photos. We had so much fun as I had them pretend to have a cozy date night at the bookstore.

But Mary and Andrew didn’t come alone to their engagement photo session. They brought their beloved dog Perry along with them to join in on the fun. Perry, a sweet black lab, happily explored the bookstore and was fed a copious amount of treats as the “date night” was documented.

Overall, Rarities Books and Bindery proved to be the perfect location for Mary and Andrew’s engagement photos. The bookstore’s cozy and romantic atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for their love story. And as bibliophiles, they couldn’t have asked for a more fitting location to celebrate their engagement. So if you’re in need of a unique and memorable location for your engagement photos, be sure to check out Rarities Books and Bindery.

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