York, Maine Engagement Session


When I headed back to my home state of Rhode Island last month, I was so lucky to get to work with Rebecca and Tyler on their engagement session in York, Maine. One of the best things about New England is you can get to so many different states in such a short amount of time! York, Maine will be the location of this couples’ wedding next year. When planning their engagement session, Rebecca mentioned she would love to have her cats, use a walking bridge, and an iconic lighthouse. I seriously love a bride with a plan! And since this plan included cats, I was beyond excited.

The couple also wanted to use some meaningful locations in York, Maine as backdrops for their engagement session.

The couple also wanted to use some meaningful locations as backdrops. They chose a few different locations for their engagement in York, Maine. We wound up choosing two solid locations: The Wiggly Bridge at the York Harbor and the Nubble Lighthouse, an iconic, quintessentially New England landmark.

Wiggly Bridge

Wiggly Bridge was out first location. But before we walked over to the bridge, we sat down in a soft, grassy area to get photos with Rebecca and Tyler’s cats! Their names are Magni and Modi, named after Thor’s sons. They are the cutest babies and really stole the show. Though the cats may not be as photogenic as Rebecca and Tyler, they played such an amazing role right at the start of the session by providing an adorable distraction away from the camera. Nothing like animals to make you feel like the camera isn’t even there!

Once we wrapped up photos with Magni and Modi, Rebecca’s sister came to take them while we walked down to Wiggly Bridge.

Wiggly Bridge was build in the 1930s and may be one of the smallest suspension bridges in the world. It led from a gravel walkway through the water and led you to a beautiful, forested island. For all those wondering- yup. The bridge was definitely wiggly. Apparently some girl scouts named it ages ago when their footing was not as stable as they thought it would be. Fun fact 😂

Nubble Lighthouse

From this bridge, we decided to head off to Nubble Lighthouse. This lighthouse is such an important part of Maine. It was constructed in 1879 and photos of it are even on the Voyager spacecraft to show one of Earth’s most prominent man-made structures. And you can see why! It’s such a classic example of a lighthouse that makes you feel like you could be anywhere in the world.

That day was cold, wet, and windy. The waves crashed over the rocks with such power. At this point in my life, I’ve done a lot of session shooting but sometimes it still amazes me how beautiful nature can be and how unique each couple is. This session was no exception: Rebecca and Tyler have the most amazing, loving chemistry. They just melted into eachother and this environment. Literal perfection.


I had a great time capturing these photos with Rebecca and Tyler, and I can’t wait to see them again next June!

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