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If you’ve never heard of Provincetown, Massachusetts, let me fill you in on one of the most magical getaways in the country. Off the coast of Cape Cod sits this tiny town that attracts tourists from all over for its small-town charm, unique shops and restaurants and beautiful beaches. Provincetown, Massachusetts is an incredible place for a proposal.

On August 23, 2022, Nick proposed to Chad in Provincetown, Massachusetts

On August 23, 2022, Nick proposed to Chad in Provincetown, Massachusetts- but not without putting in a ton of planning first. The two of them had planned out their annual trip to Provincetown to close out the summer. This place on Cape Cod means the world to them. Nick knew it would be the perfect place to propose. He made dinner reservations at The Red Inn on Commercial St and hired me to take photos of the big moment! While the couple dined in this gorgeous spot, a thunderstorm passed overhead, adding to the excitement of the day. I mingled with the staff at The Red Inn, planning out how to make the moment absolutely perfect. It had been awhile since The Red Inn had hosted a proposal so we were all anxious for the moment to happen!

Finally, the time had come and I waited outside for Nick and Chad. They walked hand in hand out the door, seemingly headed out to the next spot, when Nick led Chad over to a picnic table out in the front. Paper lanterns (admittedly a little soaked from the storm), spelled out “marry me”. Nick got down on one knee, Chad laughed and gave an enthusiastic “yes!!”. It was the biggest honor documenting the moment!

Afterwards, we introduced ourselves to eachother and got started with taking couples photos. I learned that Chad had also proposed to Nick a few hours earlier!! How perfect of a day is that?!

For their couples photos, we wandered around Commercial St, Provincetown.

Provincetown is a town on the tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, known for its LGBTQ community and unique arts scene. The town’s main hotspot is Commercial Street, which has been named a national historic district. It’s lined with shops, galleries and restaurants that reflect the spirit of Provincetown.

While walking down the street with Nick and Chad, we hit up some fun spots, including a filming location for American Horror Stories and a giant pride flag hanging off a house. We also stopped at Cabot’s Candy for some deliciousness to close out the night.

Though it was rainy and stormy, and got dark quickly, we made the most out of it. Nick and Chad have such a strong connection and have a genuine joy together. Their love is so deep. I couldn’t stop smiling while hanging out with them; their happiness is so infectious!

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