Vineyard Engagement // Hayley + Ryan

Like so many couples around the world and the majority of my couples, Hayley and Ryan initially connected on a dating site. Honestly, where would we be without the internet?! They bonded over their love of biking, cribbage, walking trails, and wine tastings, which is exactly how Sakonnet Vineyards came into play!

Hayley connected with the staff at Sakonnet Vineyards and was able to snag a spot for the engagement session during the weekend in September. We were so lucky to have a place with the lushest vegetation, drenched in the late summer light. We walked through the rows of grapes, ran around in some fields, and helped ourselves to some glasses of white wine (not the dog though. Zelda did not partake in the wine).

Some couples grow together to the point where marriage is right, when some have an exact moment where they know they found the one. For Hayley and Ryan, it was the latter. Hayley said that moment was their first date, when they went to see John Wick together at a movie theater. Ryan offered to buy her a slushie and she repeatedly said no, she was all set. Eventually, he got up and told her he was going to the bathroom. When he returned, he had a coke slushie in his hand. For Hayley, this sealed the deal.

They get married next September, at botanical gardens, somewhere I’ve been DYING to shoot at! Every detail of her wedding Hayley told me about just got me so excited. It’s going to be such a beautiful day and it can’t come fast enough!



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