Wedding Ceremony Photography Tips

Let’s talk about wedding ceremonies! You probably think there’s no way there could be tips for enhancing the photography aspect of a wedding ceremony. You just go up there, say some vows, do some kissing, wear a new ring, prance back down the aisle like a happy gazelle, right? Well yeah. BUT! There are ways to make the photos from your wedding ceremony so much better.

Here’s a list of 7 tips you can incorporate into your wedding day:

1. Have an unplugged ceremony

Ohhhh your sweet, sweet Aunty Linda with her fresh iPad will probably hate me for this one. But I find this critically important. There is nothing more heartbreaking then getting your wedding ceremony photos and finding your friends and family staring expressionless at their phones. Or, worse yet, you can’t even see their faces because they’re hidden behind their phones! You want to see everyone you love looking at you reacting naturally, without anything distracting.

2. Check the ceremony lighting ahead of time

If there’s some flexibility at your venue, make sure to check the lighting at the ceremony ahead of time. Make sure both yours and your future spouse’s faces are evenly lit on the side facing the guests, ideally with the sun behind you. If the sun is hitting one of your faces directly, you’ll be squinting while the other person will be in a dark shadow. Admittedly, sometimes there’s nothing you can really do about this one, depending on the venue. And that’s why you choose a kickass photographer who can work with any lighting situation 😉

3. Walk slowly down the aisle

This one is for everyone involved with processing down the aisle! Believe me, I know you’re nervous and you want to get out of people’s sight as fast as possible. But just take a deep breath, and walk slowly. This ensures the photographer gets good, clear shots of you while having time to prep for the next person coming down after you. Also, people tend to make strained faces when they go too fast. Just relaaaaax.

4. Focus on your fiance

Instead of focusing on the officiant and what they’re saying, keep your eyes on your fiance. You’re about to marry them- not the officiant! This is the love of your life, the most important person in the world, especially on your wedding day! Doing this helps connect the two of you and it’ll have a powerful impact in photos.

5. Show Emotions

Please don’t back on showing what you’re feeling! There are things that are so much more important during the ceremony than worrying about your makeup or how bad you ugly cry. Put those worries away! In the future, you’ll want to look back and remember exactly how you felt in that moment. Genuinely showing your emotions gives you that gift. Plus, it’s adorable and everyone loves it.

6. Make the First Kiss Last

Photographers are pretty incredible but we do need some help sometimes. To make sure your first kiss is fully caught on camera, don’t rush it! Really lean into it and give it some passion. Ideally, a first kiss will last at least 5 seconds. You’ll get a fantastic shot of it that way! If you just do a little peck, your photographer might miss it and need to re-create it later on (which is totally not the same thing). Also it’s your wedding day: you’re in love!! No tiny pecks allowed.

7. Treat the walk back down the aisle like the best moment of your life

Go out with a bang to tie it all together! I have never seen smiles as big as those from couples walking back down the aisle together. Embrace it! Interact with guests, do a little dance, pump those fists in the air, kiss when you’re at the start of the aisle when you have all your guests smiling at you. You did it!!

I hope these wedding ceremony photography tips help you have the best possible photos. Happy Wedding Ceremonies everyone!!!

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