Andrea & Susan // A Peaceful Backyard Wedding in June

Love wins. That’s really all there is to say. But, to explain: Andrea and Susan got married in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic and had to jump through and unreal amount of hurdles to do it. These two went through so many different options. Their big wedding had to be called off. Their plans to elope in a national park got thwarted by travel restrictions. Time and time again their plans had to be changed to fit the unpredictable roller coaster that is 2020. Finally, this plan worked. And it unfolded beautifully.

Even though the plans of millions of couples have had to change, somehow they all wind up becoming dream weddings.

Andrea and Susan got ready together in a hotel overlooking the city’s downtown area. As hair and makeup got done, we watched kayakers pass by down the river, enjoying a Sunday in June. It was seriously a perfect day. Once that was done, Susan put her dress on in another room, to do a reveal to Andrea. And come ooooon. I cannot believe how adorable they are. Andrea helped Susan button up her dress, and then we went to run around in the city.

As we walked around the river, you could just tell people were smiling despite the masks. These two seriously made everyone’s day and you can see why. Their joy is absolutely infectious and made you forget everything going on in the world. Their smiles just make you smile too.

They officially sealed the deal at Susan’s family home surrounded by close family. Their ceremony was full of laughter, tears, and hugs. As soon as everything drew to a close; the fantastic food eaten, the champagne popped, and the cake cut, an amazing storm rolled through. The timing was amazing. This wedding was amazing. Susan and Andrea are amazing. Love stories like this always turn out happy, despite any circumstances.



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