Gateway Canyons Elopement, Colorado

The Wedding Day at Gateway Canyons

Gateway Canyon Resort in Colorado was such an unexpected, amazing surprise for a wedding in 2020. One thing I never expected when I moved to New Mexico: when you work in one place in the southwest, you work in the entire southwest. Since this part of the United States is so expansive, I have clients coming from all over the place. I’ve put a ton of miles on my car but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Alyssa and Travis went through so many plans due to Covid before finally making the decision to elope at the Gateway Canyons Resort in Gateway, Colorado, near Grand Junction. And I’m so glad this was the ultimate choice! Take this as a note: if you’re planning your wedding during the pandemic, everything always comes out so much more beautiful than you ever initially planned.

Guys, this place blew my mind. Nestled between giant mesas, this place offers views unlike any venue I had seen before. As Alyssa and Travis said their vows in front of their closest family, we truly felt like the only people there.

Getting Ready

The day started off in two different suites; Alyssa in one, Travis in the other. As they got ready, I was so touched in the family’s involvement in the process. Travis’s parents helped him with his tie, while giving affirmations to encourage him through the day. I became a huge fan of Travis’s dad especially, who was one of the sweetest and kindest people I’ve ever met.

Meanwhile, Alyssa (as a makeup artist herself), did her own makeup. Her dogs, of course, helped out a ton. Alyssa’s grandmother offered a penny from 1920 as a Something Old. It’s wild to think it was from a century ago. Mom, dad, and grandparents stood by and assisted Alyssa into her dress and soon, it was time to do the thing!


The ceremony took place under a wooden outlook, with a panoramic view of the pond and mesa. The October colors truly lit the place on fire. Gateway Canyon in Colorado is the place to be in the fall, especially for a wedding. There is seriously nothing like it.

Alyssa and Travis said their vows as family and dogs looked on with pride. Even with small weddings, the emotions are still just as real and tangible as a bigger wedding. With a sand ceremony, exchanging of rings, and an amazing movie scene kiss, Alyssa and Travis were married!

As the sun set…

After the ceremony, we had an absolute blast. The Resort was our oyster and we couldn’t get enough of exploring every part of it. Alyssa and Travis are seriously the most fun to work with. They had so many hilarious ideas of their own and we laughed the whole time until dinner. I’m obsessed with these two.

Under the fading red light of sunset in the canyon, the newlyweds danced together as husband and wife. Afterwards, dinner was served! During this time, I scouted out the stars. I mean literally. I went to find the absolute best spot that showed off the galaxy. It wasn’t hard to do. Colorado skies at night are a league of their own.

My goal has been to give a couple an epic nighttime wedding shot. The conditions were so perfect I knew it had to be Alyssa and Travis! (Scroll to the bottom to see how it came out!)

It was such a pleasure to shoot The Rosados’ wedding at Gateway Canyon, Colorado. I’m so glad we connected and made these memories together!


Venue: Gateway Canyons Resort, Colorado
Coordinator: Brittany Birdsbill
Caterer: Entrada Restaurant at Gateway Canyons Resort
Florist: Country Elegance
Dress: Little White Dress

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