Halloween Wedding at Lighthouse Point Park

Don’t lie to me, I know some of you are already counting down to Halloween (maybe even myself. Maybe not. Who’s to say?) It’s been way too long since this incredible Halloween/masquerade/beach wedding and I wasn’t about to wait to a more spooky-appropriate time to post it! And let’s be honest, the weather hasn’t exactly been spring-like anyway.

I’ve loved this wedding so much, even before the actual day. Just hearing Jess and Pedro describe it, the masquerade details, the skulls, the lighthouse at Lighthouse Point Park. Everything. This wedding solidified Lighthouse Point Park as one of my favorite venues and I can never wait to go back!

Jess and Pedro are just the epitome of fun. They have incredible tastes, amazing senses of humor, and are just so welcoming and genuine. I had such a blast with them on their amazing day, as well as all their friends and family!



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