Wedding at Allen Hill Farm, Connecticut

This music-themed rockstar wedding at Allen Hill Farm in was the stuff of dreams. Every little detail was so carefully thought out and so personal to the bride and groom. The boutonnières were flowers made from Fender guitar picks that Sarah had made. The guests’ place cards dangled from bass guitar strings held within a wooden frame. Hilarious photos from Sarah and Dave’s childhood adorned each centerpiece and instead of a cake, they opted for figurines of Homer and Marge Simpson, sitting atop a pile of strawberry donuts. Sarah’s dress was the palest glint of pink champagne while Dave wore a navy blue suit. Flowers held in music sheets featuring love songs on the aisle chairs. Guests blew into kazoos as the couple celebrated their first kiss. This seriously was a wedding to remember in every single way.

The wedding day started off high up in a La Quinta hotel where Dave and his groomsmen had the most amazing selection of local beers, pizza, and a cheese platter that went widely unnoticed as there was an entire barrel of cheese balls in the room. So many laughs were had (and so many distractions as the best man attempted to write his speech in the same room). A little later, I met up with Sarah and I could not BELIEVE how radiant and stunning she was once she put on her dress. The moment that her veil was put on and she caught herself in the mirror was when it was all suddenly real. Sarah was going to marry the love of her life in just a few minutes. I just about teared up right along with her.

The sun shone down brightly on the ceremony area but nothing compared to the smile on Sarah’s face as she walked arm and arm with her dad walking towards Dave. The ceremony was so perfect, with vows and speeches totally suited for them. At one point, I overheard Sarah’s father state “the only ones who truly understand it are them” and I cracked up. These two are so clearly and totally perfect for eachother.

Nothing emphasized that more then the reception, which was so incredibly lit and amazing and fun and full of laughs and kazoos and oh wait – did I mention the band? THE BAND. Dave used to play bass in a band and for the wedding, they all reunited and covered some classic rock songs and I could. Not. Handle. It. Being a diehard live music fan, this was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Everyone sang (with kazoos and actual voices), Sarah gave a KICK ASS solo, and Dave’s mom even got up with him and danced. I’ve never felt such giddy excitement, with so many important elements of life coming together in one place.

Sarah and Dave are undeniably made for eachother. Their love has music always weaving through it, their humor and goofiness enhances it, and their kindness rounds it out into something so special and perfect. I am so indescribably lucky to have been a part of their incredible wedding day.



  1. Dorine Donovan says:

    These pictures are awesome. You are a very talented photographer. We appreciate all the time you put into your work. It is amazing.

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