Rhode Island Wedding // Sarah + Matt

My first full wedding of the year was the sweetest day taking place all over the Smithfield area of Rhode Island! In April 2019, there were 21 days of rain out of 30, with this day being no exception. Every five seconds we were refreshing the weather app, hoping for a bit of sunshine to finally peak out from behind the torrents of rain. And as soon as the ceremony began, it finally did!

Excited and nervous jitters filled the room before the ceremony, but as soon as Sarah saw Matt beaming at her from the end of the aisle with tears in his eyes, she couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear, and that smile lasted the entire day. From Kayden the ring bearer running down the aisle towards Matt, to Lilly the flower girl meticulously placing each petal like she was born to do this, the ceremony was so full of laughs and adorableness, as their kids played a huge part in the day.

Before the wedding, Sarah had asked if they could visit her grandmother in the nursing home, since she was unable to make it to the wedding. UMMM YES?? I live for moments like that! Walking through the nursing home, decked out in wedding attire, and seeing the resident’s faces just completely light up just made this day something so special. But even more importantly, the smile that was on Sarah’s grandmother’s face when she saw them could light up the darkest night.

From there, we headed to one of my favorite childhood hangout spots in back of the North Smithfield Public Library where the most gorgeous golden light lit up the woods, and Sarah and Matt’s smiles just radiated. You can just tell these two just find so much comfort and companionship in eachother, that the long journey it took for them to get to this point has formed an incredible bond between them. I am so happy I was chosen for this wedding, especially as Sarah is a photographer herself! It was such a special day, and seeing two people who bring so much joy into the world look so happy is exactly why I do this <3



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