Wedding at deCordova Sculpture Park

Talk about your nontraditional wedding! Alice and Jacob got married at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts on the most beautiful day in July.

When I first arrived to the hotel, I was so excited to see the two of them just hanging out before going to separate rooms to get ready. Nerves can be so high on a wedding day, why shouldn’t you be allowed to see the person you’re most comfortable with?

While the couple got ready on the same floor of the hotel, I bounced back and forth between each room capturing little snippets and laughing at how differently groomsmen and bridesmaids spend their time getting ready. Guys are ready in 5 minutes. Girls take an hour and a half with hair and makeup. Guys play Super Smash Bros. Girls dance to Spotify playlists called “The Good S***”. Both drink champagne. Because of course.

Before Alice put on her dress, we left for the venue, the amazing art museum at deCordova. With its floor to ceiling shelves in the library, gorgeous gardens, interesting sculptures to stare at for copious amounts of time, and unique architecture, this might be one of the coolest venues I’ve ever been to.

Alice and Jacob said their vows overlooking the gardens. They met eachother at the start of the aisle and walked down together. Their vows really touched me. Not a single cliche, not a single promise that was unrealistic. They were just so real, so honest, and so personal to their relationship.

After the ceremony, we wandered around on the grounds, exploring the sculptures and gardens. DeCordova is seriously an endless amount of little unique, fun discoveries. I love this place.

For the reception, my favorite part was a pile of donuts in place of a cake! (The pink raspberry icing one was the best). At sunset, I took Alice and Jacob out onto the rooftop of the museum and let them just hold on to eachother and watch their first sunset as husband and wife. Pure magic.



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