A Woodland, New Hampshire Elopement // Jen + Bob

For such a small, short, intimate wedding I cannot say enough about how much I loved this backyard New Hampshire elopement. Jen and Bob have been building up their forest love nest by the Merrimack River for awhile; gardening, raising chickens, and constructing all kinds of fences and gateways. The house itself has such an amazing collection of trinkets and antiques, representing Jen and Bob’s personalities and lives. It was a no brainier for them that when it came time to get married, there would be no better place to do it.

I made the drive up to Canterbury New Hampshire on a gorgeous June day, so excited to capture such an intimate little ceremony. That excitement turned into a tinge of nervousness as I had no service in the area and was not entirely sure which dirt road to take. I picked one and traveled for what seemed like ages and finally found the CUTEST little house in the woods. There I met Bob, the officiant, which was Jen’s boss, Bob’s parents, and 3 friends all hanging out, drinking beers, and hanging out like it was just an ordinary day in summer. Jen got ready inside as Bob waited in anticipation on an outdoor patio, surrounded by dense New Hampshire trees.

The officiant asked Bob if he was ready and Bob lit up. “This girl is the love of my life, of course I’m ready”. And excitedly went on awhile about just how much he loves Jen. My heart burst a little. Jen made her way outside, and the look on both of their faces as she approached just says it all. The ceremony was so heartfelt, incorporating a planting ceremony that involved everyone in attendance. Their vows were so personal and so THEM. They were both glowing as they looked at eachother, so ready to begin married life. We all celebrated with a glass of champagne afterwards.

Small weddings such as this are becoming so special to me and I am so excited to see more and more couples choose the simple and intimate, rather than the big parties. As I always say, do what fits you best, and don’t let tradition tell you otherwise.

Jen and Bob, I am so glad to have been referred to you. Your love for eachother is so apparent and so REAL. I loved seeing that manifested in the life you are building together in those New Hampshire woods.



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