Union Lake Orchard Wedding // Barrington, New Hampshire

Buckle up for the vibrant journey of Johanna and Nick’s rustic bash at Union Lake Orchard, nestled in the heart of Barrington, New Hampshire. My loooord this wedding was just too pretty!!

Johanna and Nick, the dynamic duo, decided to tie the knot near Johanna’s parent’s lake house at Union Lake Orchard, creating a wedding wonderland that perfectly reflected their love story. Let’s dive into the explosion of colors, vintage vibes, and pure joy that defined their celebration.

The Venue: A Rustic Haven by the Lake

Union Lake Orchard served as the picturesque canvas for this love-filled spectacle. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, with a hint of rustic charm, it was the ideal backdrop for a wedding bursting with personality.

Picture this: a rustic dream infused with a kaleidoscope of colors! From colorful pennant banners dancing in the breeze to vibrant florals and sunflowers stealing the show, every element popped with life. Ferns, vintage pieces, and different colored fabrics painted a lively scene that spoke volumes about Johanna and Nick’s personalities.

The Vibe: Relaxed and Energetic

If ‘laid-back’ and ‘energetic’ got hitched, it would be at Johanna and Nick’s wedding. The atmosphere was a melting pot of laughter, mingling, and carefree vibes. The dance floor? A party haven where every move was a celebration of love. Not a single stressful moment in sight – just the way a wedding should be.

Final Note: A Vibrant Start to Forever

So, vibrant couples, if you’re dreaming of a wedding that mirrors your zest for life, Johanna and Nick’s day is the perfect inspiration. Color, laughter, and love – the perfect recipe for a wedding that’s uniquely YOU.

Ready to embark on your own vibrant wedding journey? Let’s chat, laugh, and plan the day of your dreams. Because weddings are meant to be fun, relaxed, and bursting with love. 💖✨

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Venue: Union Lake Orchard
Caterer: Ore Nell’s BBQ
Hair & Makeup: La Mariee Beauty
DJ: The Toasted Brew
Cake: White Pine Pastries and Cakes



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