Shepherd’s Run Engagement // South Kingstown, Rhode Island

For today’s blog post, we’re diving into a story that unfolded amid the magical mist of Shepherd’s Run and the vibrant fall foliage at Burlingame State Park. Michaela and Ryan, welcomed me into their world of romance, color, and the crisp October air. This Rhode Island engagement session was an absolute dream.

A Rhode Island Romance Unveiled

In the heart of Rhode Island, where whispers of fog dance through the air and fall’s embrace paints the landscape, Michaela and Ryan set the stage for an engagement session unlike any other. Shepherd’s Run, a hidden gem in Rhode Island- and also their wedding venue!- became the canvas for their love story, with nature’s magic adding an enchanting touch.

Michaela graced the fog-kissed landscape in a dramatic red dress that perfectly complemented the rich hues of fall. As she and Ryan wandered hand in hand, the vibrant colors of autumn leaves and the soft fog created a romantic ambiance that echoed their laid-back spirits.

Champagne Pops and Lakeside Laughter

As the fog wrapped around them like a cozy blanket, Michaela and Ryan celebrated their love with a touch of effervescence. Sitting on a rock wall surrounded by the colors of October, they popped champange and shared laughter and toasts, creating a moment as unforgettable as the fog-laden landscape.

Rhode Island’s Hidden Gems

Shepherd’s Run, with its winding trails and fog-kissed meadows, provided the perfect backdrop for intimate moments. Burlingame State Park’s dock, framed by fall’s vibrant palette, added a lakeside allure that showcased the couple’s love in every frame.

I’m so excited for this couple. Stay tuned as we venture into the next chapter – their wedding day adventure awaits!

Cheers to love, foggy moments, and the hues of Rhode Island’s enchanting landscapes!

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