Wedding // Kacee + Josh

THIS WEDDING. Man this wedding just solidified 2018 as such a fun, happy, omg-I-love-my-job kind of year. This was one for the books.

I was a bit nervous heading into this wedding, as I’ve heard multiple horror stories from photographers saying that the ceremony and reception area was one of the toughest situations for lighting. But then I saw it and I was completely floored by how gorgeous it was. Paired with all the colors of early October, this place was perfect.

Kacee was one of the most chill brides I’ve ever worked with. Her wedding day came so naturally to her, and she didn’t seem to have a nervous bone in her body. She got ready in the bridal suite with her bridesmaids and it was such a relaxed morning, the way it should be! My second shooter hung out with Josh and his groomsmen, also looking chill as hell with their cigars and even going out to a bar down the street for beers! Take a lesson from these two – leave soooo much time on your wedding day so you can just relax and take it all in!

The ceremony was the definition of adorable. Kacee and Josh poured their hilarious personalities into their vows and made them personal and completely fitting to their relationship. There were laughs, there were tears, it was everything. Following the ceremony, I had an absolute blast hanging out with the bridal party. They were absolutely HILARIOUS and it was at this wedding I realized…hey I kinda love when bridal parties goof off and have fun. I’d rather have people laughing than anything else in the world.

The reception, as always, was the greatest part of the day. My favorite DJ, who I’ve worked with since the beginning, completely set the vibe on fire. (Find him here!) Kacee had a dance off with her dad, guests smoked cigars, a cane was graciously offered up as a limbo stick, and everyone had the time of their lives. Kacee and Josh barely left the dance floor, and it was amazing seeing a couple I’ve known for years be so completely full of joy <3



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