Engagement Session // Sarah + Dave

A photographer walks into an old theater and is greeted by intricate, early 1900s architecture, a super cute couple, and a plethora of Simpsons quotes. Could their job get any better? Probably not.

I am so stunned by some of the places I wind up in and I feel like every couple takes me on such an adventure. This is exactly the reason I have my clients choose a location – something meaningful to them goes miles beyond any field or river I could recommend. Sarah and Dave chose this location as it is somewhere Sarah used to perform, and on one instance, almost ran over Bea Arthur. “I was walking off stage and she was just RIGHT THERE”.

Sarah and Dave are just so much fun. They can joke about literally anything together, all while dancing together and just genuinely enjoying eachothers company. Some couples are just total best friends above all else. And that’s 100% these two. They met at a New Years Party a few years back. Dave hanging out with some friends, and Sarah being dragged against her will. “Sarah hates New Years Eve” Dave told me. And when I asked, she says “because it’s all this anticipation and then nothing happens!”. I laughed so hard. And I mean, she’s totally right too. New Years is completely anti-climatic.

Luckily, something did happen that New Years. Sarah and Dave noticed eachother in the crowd and sparked up a conversation that lasted the night. The rest is history!!

I’m so crazy excited to shoot their wedding in less than two months! It can’t come fast enough.



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