Alice + Jacob // Engagement Session

I am always so in awe of highschool sweethearts. They essentially grew up together, only really ever having eachother. They remained dedicated to eachother throughout graduation, going off to college, toughing it through exams, and entering the workforce. I believe the most extreme changes happen from highschool into the mid-twenties and somehow these couples have stuck by eachother’s side every single day, being the one stable, reliable thing in their lives.

Alice and Jacob are one of those couples. They met in highschool a decade ago in band class and you can just tell they know and understand eachother so fully and completely. You know how when you see an elderly married couple and they’re holding hands, just so at peace and comfortable in silences and they just KNOW eachother. Jacob and Alice already have that kind of bond and it’s just something so special.

For their engagement session, they chose the Arnold Arboretum as their location, a place I have never heard of before! There are a few reasons why I have my couples choose their location and one of them is I get to discover so many amazing, new places! This place was thriving with the most lush greens and everything felt so alive in the July sun. So many unique trees and gardens surrounded us as we explored the park together and not a single spot here could look bad.

After toughing through the heat at Arnold Arboretum, we headed to a plant-based ice cream shop called FoMu, where I learned avocado ice cream is a thing. Avocado has officially made its way into everything! And for good reason.

It was such a pleasure meeting Jacob and Alice and getting to know them. Their wedding will take place in June of next year at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum. This place looks so unique and fun and this day can’t come soon enough!



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