Stephanie + Jake // Engagement Session

Some days just completely stop you in your tracks. Sometimes the sun hits just at the right angle at the right place and everything is washed in this golden light. Sometimes you come across a location that boasts of sun-drenched fields, an old stone church with rays of light bursting through the bare windows, and a calm lake with all the colors reflecting off of it perfectly.

Add an amazing couple to the mix and you are good to go. Stephanie and Jake introduced me to this place, as they will be building a home together in the area. This is EXACTLY why I love to have clients choose a location. The more personal, the better!

Stephanie and Jake met at a bar and after knowing eachother and crossing paths over the years, they found themselves single at the same time and with the timing being that perfect, they kicked things off and knew they were headed right for the alter. Jake bought a ring for Stephanie with the hope that the right time would just arise and he would surprise her.

Meanwhile, Stephanie was hard at work cultivating the perfect Pinterest boards of engagement rings and wedding ideas. Funny enough, she and Jake were online shopping together one day, scrolling through lawnmowers when a notification from Pinterest popped up advertising for engagement rings. Stephanie gave some sort of hinting-type comment about it, and Jake knew this was go-time. He disappeared into another room, leaving Stephanie to the lawn mowers, and came back with the ring he had ready to go for this exact moment.

She of course, said yes! And everything they’ve told me about their wedding has gotten me so excited to be their photographer! I know it’ll be even more amazing than their engagement session and it can’t come soon enough!



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    Beautiful pictures! 2 beautiful people becoming one…Congratulations you guys. Wishing you a lifetime of hapiness. Xoxo

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