York Harbor Inn Wedding // York, Maine

When it comes to envisioning a dreamy wedding, the idyllic backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean at the York Harbor Inn in York, Maine sets the perfect stage. Rebecca and Tyler chose this breathtaking location to celebrate their love and commitment to each other on a beautiful June day.

The Enchanting Oceanfront Ceremony

Imagine saying “I do” with the rhythmic sounds of the ocean waves and the salty sea breeze as witnesses. The York Harbor Inn, perched elegantly overlooking the vast Atlantic, offered exactly that. Rebecca and Tyler exchanged their heartfelt vows in a ceremony that epitomized love and romance, with the boundless ocean stretching out behind them, providing a picture-perfect setting for their union.

As the day transitioned into night, the festivities continued within the cozy confines of the York Harbor Inn. Friends and family joined in the celebration, toasting to the happiness and love that permeated the atmosphere.

Capturing the essence of their love and the charm of the day, the couple ventured to Wiggly Bridge for a photo session at the end of their reception. Nestled in the heart of York, Wiggly Bridge provided a whimsical and picturesque setting.

Though it was a cloudy day, the sky showed off as a dramatic background for Rebecca and Tyler’s epic lightsaber battle. As avid fans of Star Wars, Marvel, and all things nerdy, the couple wielded these iconic props, adding a unique and memorable touch to their special day.

The vibrant glow of the lightsabers against the stormy sky symbolized the radiance of their love and the adventure that lay ahead. It was a playful nod to their shared interests and a reminder that love can be both enchanting and fun.

A Joyous Celebration of Love and Togetherness

Rebecca and Tyler’s wedding was not only a union of two hearts deeply in love but also a celebration of their journey together and the promise of a beautiful future. The memories created on this special day will forever hold a cherished place in their hearts, a reminder of the magical love they shared by the ocean in the charming town of York, Maine. For couples seeking a wedding immersed in romance and natural beauty, York, Maine, and the York Harbor Inn stand as an unbeatable choice.


Photographer: Andrea Van Orsouw Photography
Venue: York Harbor Inn
Coordinator: Emily Beals at York Harbor Inn
Officiant: Julie Draper
Caterer: York Harbor Inn
Florist: Green Griffin
Rentals: York Harbor Inn
Hair & Makeup: Harbor Hair Co
DJ: Jeff Erwin
String Quartet: Gary Hodge
Lighting: Main Event Decor



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