Wedding // Ashley + Mike

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this wedding was. Ashley and Mike are one of the most genuine, hilarious, and unashamedly true-to-themselves couples I have ever met. They filled their wedding day with all the things that made them unique and just let themselves fall into just having an absolute blast on their wedding day. This wedding was something I want for every single one of my couples: a haven filled with all the greatest people in their lives, personal details, and all the fun in the world.

Ashley and Mike’s wedding took place on *cue music* THE TWENTY-FIRST NIIIGHT OF SEPTEMBER at The Bald Hill Mansion. Every part of this place was stunning. The girls got ready in the bridal suite, a wide open room with giant, bright windows filling the room with a soft glow. When I walked in, it was already an absolute party. Ashley surrounds herself with supportive, hilarious women who knew exactly how to break down the pre-ceremony jitters and turn them into excitement butterflies.

Meanwhile, Mike and the guys cracked open some beers and were probably super chill the whole time. Do grooms even get nervous? For real, every time I ask they say no.

The ceremony was straight up fairy tale. Taking place in the garden at Bald Hill Mansion with this incredible stone structure as a backdrop, Ashley walked herself down the aisle towards Mike. I just about shed a tear just as she did. It’s so powerful to see a woman break tradition and give herself to her groom. No offense to the dads and other male dad-like figures. I love dads. BUUUUUUT this was pretty darn cool. Also Ashley and Mike just smiling at each other and showing such excitement about marrying each other was the cutest thing eveeeeeer.

Their reception I’ll never forget. Their grand entrance song was, of course, September by Earth, Wind, and Fire and it got LIT. The cake had a Star Wars cake topper and a dozen different flavors of donuts piled up around it (the best of everything). Ashley and Mike just partied together all night long and made it a 21st night of September to Remember.

….yeah I honestly can’t stop talking about this song ever since this day I’m sorry.



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