Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos

When couples book me for their engagement session, the first question they normally ask is “what should we wear?” immediately followed by “omg wait, can we bring our dog?!”. Including your dog in your engagement photos is a great way to celebrate the love and bond you share with your beloved pet, and to create unique and memorable photos that you will treasure forever. Here are some tips for including your dog in your engagement photos:

1. Bring treats. A lot of treats

Dogs are like little kids and there’s gonna be a ton of bribery required here. Treats can be helpful to get your dog to pose for a photo or to get a really cute photo of them doing a trick. Your dog’s favorite toy is great as well! Additionally, make sure top bring some doggy bags and water.

2. Bring an extra human

This one is super important! It can be overwhelming to have to focus on holding your dog for the entore engagement session. For more intimate poses, you’ll also want to be focused on your partner, not your dog (sorry puppy!!). When the focus should be more on one another, you’ll want a friend around to take your dog. This also gives your dog a much deserved break from working so hard at being a model.

3. Make sure your location is dog-friendly ahead of time

You don’t want to show up to a gorgeous location only to find out your baby can’t enjoy it. Some places such as nature conservation areas aren’t huge fans of dogs. Places like state parks and dog-friendly breweries are a great bet! Nothing beats the comfort of your own home as well.

Photo of a couple playing with their dog during their in Massachusetts

4. Get some energy out beforehand

It helps when your dog is a little bit tired by the time of the engagement session. That way, they’ll be less inclined to yank your arm off mid-pose. Spend the morning at the dog park or play a solid game of fetch before the session.

5. Expect the unexpected

When dogs are included in the engagement session, they become the star of the show! Since they are unpredictable and energetic, it’s important to go with the flow and not stress about perfect posing. Candids are always best anyway!

I hope these tips for including your dog in your engagement photos was helpful! Ready to book your dog-friendly engagement photos? Click here to get in touch!



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