The Notch House Wedding // Lake Willoughby, Vermont

Get ready to dive into a love story that’s as vibrant as the wildflowers of Vermont! John and Cassie chose the charming rustic barn at The Notch House, nestled by Lake Willoughby, as the backdrop for their lively and fun-loving wedding celebration. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest for a whole week of festivities, this couple knew how to throw a party that radiated joy!

The Setting:

Picture this: June in Vermont, where wildflowers burst into a kaleidoscope of colors! The Notch House, with its rustic charm, set the stage for a wedding that was all about good vibes and warmth. It was the perfect canvas for John and Cassie to paint their love story with pops of color and laughter.

A Week of Celebration:

The magic began a week before the big day, as friends and family gathered at The Notch House estate. Laughter echoed through the air as the crew bonded, creating memories that would be cherished forever. Vermont’s beauty served as the playground for a pre-wedding celebration filled with spontaneity and shared adventures.

The Wedding Day:

The big day arrived, and it was nothing short of a party! Against the backdrop of the barn adorned with wildflowers, John and Cassie said “I do” in a ceremony that was as heartwarming as it was entertaining. Poems and readings brought tears of joy, and the air was filled with the infectious energy of genuine connection.

The Evening Festivities:

The celebration continued with a reception that reflected the couple’s fun-loving spirit—simple, lively, and bursting with love. The rustic surroundings and Vermont’s natural beauty added a touch of magic to the festivities. Guests savored local delights, hit the dance floor in the cozy barn, and added their own splash of color to this vibrant love story.

A Morning to Remember:

But the fun didn’t stop with the last dance! The morning after their wedding, John and Cassie kicked convention to the curb and headed to Lake Willoughby for a sunrise swim in their wedding clothes. Despite the freezing mountain water, it was a playful and unforgettable moment, capturing the spontaneity that defines their love.


John and Cassie’s love story unfolded like a lively dance at The Notch House in Lake Willoughby, Vermont. From the charming barn venue adorned with wildflowers to the sunrise swim in the lake, each moment radiated their zest for life. As they embark on this new adventure, the memories of their June celebration will forever be a testament to the infectious power of love and laughter in the heart of Vermont’s stunning landscapes. Cheers to the couple who knows how to turn every moment into a celebration!

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