October Farm Wedding // Alanna + Troy

Wow. Thanks to quarantine, I’m able to go back in time and blog some October weddings! October is the most chaotic part of the year for photographers, and what follows it is months of catching up on editing and making deadlines. It’s so hard to blog during these times so I’m grateful for this bit of downtime to actually be able to feature some of my favorite weddings!

The actual favorites are Alanna and Troy though. From the way they met to how much of a party their wedding was, these are the kind of people I love to surround myself with. Here’s the blog post of their engagement session to read their story!

Their wedding was everything I could’ve hoped for to close out busy season. It honestly made me a bit emotional. It made me realize how much I love what I do and how lucky I am to attract the kind of clients that I do. Every single couple is so laid back, so fun loving, so happy to let me into their lives. They make me feel like so much more than a photographer, and more of a friend.

The weather was perfect for the end of October, cloudy with a perfect diffusion of clouds to bring out the October colors. Alanna and her bridesmaids were a blast to hang out with during the first part of the day. We danced to the music, experimented with the snapchat filter, and all cracked up as Alanna’s dad reacted to their first look. It was the perfect morning.

The ceremony was something straight out of a movie. With the golden light and the flowers just emphasizing an already amazing day, Alanna and Troy had a laughter-filled ceremony in front of everyone they love. Occasionally, you’d hear a bleat from a sheep joining in the celebration.

And there’s just something about a reception in a barn that brings an absolute party. Though my body was physically exhausted after so many weekends in a row of weddings, the guests had the most infectious energy.

Right after this wedding, I sat in the car for a few minutes and had a moment to myself to just be so incredibly grateful for how awesome 2019 was. A wave of happiness just came over me. My job is truly amazing and I hope 2020 gets its act together soon so I can get right back into it!



  1. Amazing work. Seriously great.

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