Intimate Boston, Massachusetts Wedding

A neighborhood bursting with flowers. A quiet street amidst the city of Boston. The smell of rain melting into the red brick sidewalk. This is the magic of a Boston, Massachusetts wedding in the springtime.

Ilona and Kate had asked if I could get some photos of their neighborhood right before joining them on their wedding day. “Since we’re just having a tiny wedding and won’t have a ton of details, could you capture everything we love about our neighborhood instead?” Ummmm hell yes. I arrived early and just spent time wandering the streets, taking in all the tulips and new blooms of late April. Coming from New Mexico, I could not take in just how green it was. And rainy).

Getting Ready

After awhile, I wandered into Ilona and Kate’s apartment, which was an absolutely gorgeous greenhouse full of happy plants. While they got their hair and makeup done, we had such a blast talking with eachother about absolutely everything. (Including true crime. Cause who doesn’t love talking murder on a wedding day?). Between the hair and makeup artists and two amazing, welcoming brides, it felt like we had all been friends for ages. Ilona and Kate kept stealing glances at eachother in between swipes of mascara and hairspray and would just giggle with eachother. Cutest stuff ever.

Once hair and makeup was finished, Ilona and Kate slipped into the bedroom and reemerged wearing the most incredible, detailed, colorful red dresses like I’ve never seen before. My jaw was on the ground at how perfect they were.

Taking the Streets of Boston by Storm…Literally…

After putting on shoes, they stepped out into the pouring rain, clutching onto their umbrellas. Their red dresses popped like fireworks against the gloomy day. We strolled the streets of Boston as passersby would beep and shout congratulations to the brides. In all the rain, noise, and impending time constraints, Ilona and Kate were in their own little bubble. They just couldn’t stop looking at eachother, smiling from ear to ear, and just generally being a couple of the most in-love people I’ve ever seen. There was the warmest glow around them.

In walking around Boston, we made sure to hit up a couple spots that meant a lot to Ilona and Kate. One of them was the stunning, historical Boston Library. They walked around the steps together, took in the sights of Boston. An iconic duck boat passed by as Ilona and Kate wrapped up together under the umbrella. You could just tell they were right at home.

I could’ve spent all day wandering around with Ilona and Kate but we knew family was waiting for us at the Charles River Esplanade for the ceremony. One of the greatest moments of the day was when the couple crossed over the Dartmouth Street Footbridge and caught the eyes of their family members. Their excitement just burst through the air. Every single person was grinning, laughing, hugging. It was the sweetest thing. As a group, they walked towards the ceremony spot overlooking the Charles River.

The Ceremony…

The ceremony location was perfect. Since it was such a rainy day, what normally would have been a bustling Sunday was quiet and peaceful. Rain pattered on the river, the smell of flowers filled the space. With laughter and tears, Ilona and Kate shared their vows and became wife and wife.

Though it was a small wedding, you could just feel how much joy and pride was flowing from everyone present. This was a perfect Boston, Massachusetts wedding day.

Ilona, Kate, and their families walked from the river to enjoy lunch at a warm, dry location. I got back to my car, grinning like crazy until I looked in the rearview mirror to see that my mascara had melted into raccoon eyes. Worth it.

Hair: Hair by Ashalina
Makeup: Wicked Makeup

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