Engagement Session at Harkness Memorial Park, Connecticut // Megan + Steve

All these New Mexico sessions have been fun but it’s July and it’s time for the beach! And woods. And gardens. And mansions. And old architecture. And fields. And courtyards. I don’t know how it pulls it off so well but Harkness Memorial Park seriously has a little bit of everything and will always be my favorite spot in Connecticut. A typical engagement session with me is about 45 minutes to an hour. Unless you choose Harkness Memorial. Then it’s two hours. Megan and Steve stuck with it though and absolutely killed it!

I had SO much fun with Megan and Steve, getting to know them as we wondered around the grounds. They chose this place because of their love of architecture, history, and gardens. This is definitely the place for all three! This is also exactly why I encourage my clients to choose a location that suits them. If I had picked something myself, it may not have suited them as well. (Actually who am I kidding, I’d chose this place every time)

Megan and Steve met at a BBQ party of a mutual friend and proceeded to immediately tease eachother over their senior design projects in college. Mostly because one filled the standard role of “doing absolutely everything” in the group and the other filled the other standard “do the bare minimum”. Opposites attracting is no joke! After the BBQ, Steve asked the friend for Megan’s phone number and they went on an ice cream date. The best of relationships start with a good foundation of junk food, I’m tellin ya. BBQ and ice cream is the key.

The story of how they got engaged is one of my favorites just for the pure unique adventure of it. Back in September 2017, they took a trip to the Azores, off the coast of Portugal to a site of a massive volcanic crater. They spent a day hiking up Pico Mountain, a dormant volcano. After the steep, beautiful, and difficult climb (ohhh I’ve been there…) they wound up in the center of the crater. This is where Steve asked Megan to adventure through life with him forever. Pardon my cheesiness.

This couple is amazing and I cannot wait for their wedding in September!



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