Engagement Session // Kailey + Matt

Sometimes you work with people who are so much like yourself, you spend the entire session all giddy and discovering all the things you have in common. Kailey and Matt have a love for breweries, and will travel hours to get to all the good ones. They love horror and all spooky things. They have an affinity for adventure, hiking, and exploring new places, and even got engaged at Diamond Beach IN ICELAND. These are my people. And I feel so lucky that they found me.

Kailey chose a super special place for their engagement session. In September 2017 I shot an unforgettable wedding here and have been plastering the photos from it everywhere ever since. Gwyn Careg Inn is unlike anything other venue I’ve seen. It transports you into a foreign land, feeling like a secret garden somewhere in the countryside of Ireland. Its stone structures and fields of flowers make every angle of this place a haven of natural beauty. I could shoot here all day!

I absolutely loved this session that took place in September (wow I am far behind). I loved getting to know the amazing Kailey and Matt. And even more so, I love that I’ll get to see them again on their wedding day in October, which is going to be PERFECT and can’t come soon enough!



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