Wedding // Erin + Max

Erin and Max got married on a warm October day and did what every single couple should do: injected their hilarious, laid-back, goofy personalities into every little detail. I laughed my absolute hardest at this wedding and it was such a breath of fresh air in the middle of a hectic wedding season. It reminded me of just how much I love my job as a wedding photographer and how lucky I am that the coolest people on earth find me. This couple met playing Humans vs. Zombies in college and had a Dungeons and Dragons themed wedding cake. I mean. Enough said, honestly.

The ceremony was such a joy to witness from beginning to end. Max walked into the ceremony area hand in hand with the grandmother, who proudly stated “I’M THE BRIDE!” as soon as all eyes were on her, followed by the most gleeful and adorable giggle. Seeing the people who are so important to the bride and groom being just as excited and fully invested in the wedding day is the sweetest thing. Following them, the ring bearer and his father, wearing matching kilts, walked proudly onto the scene and stole the show.

Max looked on in anticipation as Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter started playing over the speakers (this is the kind of personalization I’m talking about!), and Erin and her father made their way down the aisle. The whole park seemed completely magical and lively in the moment. Every single guest looked on smiling ear to ear, excited to witness two people totally perfect for eachother become married. And quickly those smiles turned to laughter as this ceremony took a turn for hilarity. Max and Erin’s vows to eachother showcased their quirky personalities and just felt so genuine and heart-felt. You can just feel that reflected in the expressions on the bridal party. One of Max and Erin’s friends was the officiant and gave the most personalized, fun, hilarious ceremony that only a friend could give. (Notable moment: taking off his jacket to unveil THE MOST SPARKLY VEST EVER while saying “by the power VESTED in me by the state of Rhode Island…”. Comedy gold. As the couple walked back down the aisle with that just-married glow, guests threw frozen peas instead of confetti, offering a delicious meal to the ducks chilling out in the pond.

Afterwards was my favorite part of the day: hanging out with the eccentric and fun-loving bridal party. It felt so much like hanging out with old friends. I’ve learned over time that each bridal party has their own unique personality. Sometimes they’re a little more serious and want to go for a vogue look. Sometimes they’re already a little tipsy and just want to get a little wild. Sometimes, when a bridal party has become so close, they just make the whole experience such a blast. No matter what, nothing is ever wrong, and I’ve learned to embrace whatever vibe comes my way.

I absolutely loved hanging out with Erin and Max and wander around the park a bit. These are two people who are unapologetically themselves with eachother, make every moment fun, and are just 100% crazy about one another. Every photo of them captures every one of those.

Though I wasn’t around for most of the reception, I got to stick around to check out all the work Erin and Max put into the details. Movie quotes about marriage on each table, a paper maché (definitely messed that word up) cow as a dowry, flowers made with pages out of Harry Potter, and of course, the Dungeons and Dragons cake complete with Lego figures. Max and Erin’s first dance was so sweet and the parent dances so full of pride and laughs.

If I could document a wedding like this every weekend, I would never get sick of it. I’ll always remember this one. Thank you so much, Erin and Max <3



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