A Mystical October Wedding // Kailey & Matt

No lie, I must have gasped at least 100 times at this wedding. This is a shining example of what I want for every couple: a wedding day that reflects exactly who you are, incorporates the things you love, and makes you feel completely at home, surrounded by the things you value most. Everything about Kailey and Matt’s wedding day just screams THEM. No one besides them had a say in how to decorate, no one protested their desire to do anything unconventional. They invited the people that meant the absolute most to them. Because of this, their wedding was completely unforgettable because there will never be anything exactly like it. It was unapologetically everything that Kailey and Matt are and more. I’m SO excited to show this day off!

As soon as I got to the hotel Kailey was getting ready in, my mind was blown. This hotel was SO different and full of the coolest art. Kailey had laid out all of her details, which were an absolute treasure trove of unique, personal pieces. Instead of bouquets for her bridesmaids, she had flower wreaths made. Instead of heels, she ordered pink Keds, instead of a veil, she wore a quartz crown, instead of pearls for jewelry, she picked pieces that fit who she is. I was so inspired as soon as I walked into the room. Not to mention, every one of her bridesmaids and family members were so inviting and inclusive. Are you really working when you’re laughing so hard?

Before the ceremony, Kailey and Matt decided to have a first look at an old cabin in the woods. I can’t believe what an awesome find this place was! It was all the witchy, mysterious vibes you could possibly want for an October wedding. Witnessing this couple see eachother for the first time was a fairy tale. You can just feel how much they love eachother. We spent as much time as we could here before running off to get officially married!

At the ceremony, I cried. I mean I primarily took photos, but I was an absolute baby while doing so. Every component of the ceremony was so raw and personal. They didn’t hold back on expressing their love. Looking out over the crowd, there was hardly a dry eye. There was just something otherworldly and magical about the feeling during that ceremony. We all felt it.

The rest of the wedding just extended the joy from that ceremony. I think every single person danced that night. The food was INCREDIBLE. And I might have helped myself to a bit more than one cupcake. As the night came to a close, everyone held onto a sparkler to light the way for Kailey and Matt. This last moment felt like slow motion, and not just because I had Kailey and Matt walk slowly (haha). It legitimately felt like a movie. When the last shot of the day is a couple throwing their hands in the air while wearing badass couples jackets, you know you’ll never forget a day like this.



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