Woodsy Engagement Session // Kelly + Taylor

Sometimes I go into the city for engagement sessions, a lot of times a lively park or beach, the occasional waterfall, lighthouse, or in the couples own home. But I don’t think I’ve ever been in a magical backyard forest, the three of us walking barefoot and feeling the moss squish between our toes while drenched in the most delicious golden light.

“Walking through moss barefoot should be a form of therapy,” Kelly had said. Uhh YUP. Agreed. 100%. This session had me feeling all kinds of alive. Nature is amazing. And Kelly and Taylor blend into it so seamlessly, like woodland fairies that were born in a tree or something. I felt so at home.

The engagement session took place at a gorgeous, unique cottage on the lake that has been in Taylor’s family for generations called Loon Point. It boasts of such a rich history, with so many black and white photos of crowds being on the property enjoying shows in the outdoor theater.

Kelly and Taylor met in Key Largo, Florida, while both in different relationships. They both saw something so special in the other, with Kelly feeling a rush of peace while being in Taylor’s presence. They encountered eachother a few times over the next couple of years while being in similar circles with similar interests. Finally, the timing came together perfectly. Both single, they met again at a dive bar, and everything fell into place like a fairy tale.

They meshed perfectly together, sharing a massive love of live music, art, long road trips together, and the outdoors (Waitwaitwait. Are they me?? No wonder I felt so at home.)

Taylor knew without a doubt they were meant to be together. He bought a ring, an opal (!!!!!!!), so unique and perfect for Kelly, and waited for the best time to ask her to marry him. One night they were out together, enjoying some drinks and eachother’s company. Kelly got to talking about how she envisioned her future, being married and starting a new life (which, not-so-coincidentally, was their name of the first dance song ) Taylor hooked onto this opportunity, could the moment be anymore perfect? Kelly, so surprised, said “NO!” in disbelief. Timing was TOOO GOOD! But of course, Kelly knew Taylor was her soulmate in every way, and thoroughly agreed to be his wife.



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