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I'm always here to answer any questions!

For sure! I will work with you to make sure there is enough time to capture everything that is important to you and formulate a cohesive and easy schedule

Can you help with a photo timeline of the wedding day?

Fun fact, 99% of my couples say this, and without fail, they always wind up killing it! Believe me, I am way more awkward than you are and I also provide fun directions to start the session so you’re more focused on each other rather than the camera. I promise you will look great!

We're so awkward! Can you help us out?

I do not. I select only the absolute best for you. Anything you don’t see is a duplicate, an unflattering shot, or missed focus. Don’t worry - I will absolutely not withhold anything important!

Do you provide all the photos taken?

Neutral colors are always best! Avoid mixing any patterns and make sure to wear something you feel comfortable in and can move around in. A lot of action goes down in my engagement sessions.

What do I wear to an engagement session?

Traveling is my favorite thing in the world! I offer my wedding services throughout the entire United States.

Do you travel?

Let’s do it! I love meeting over a cup of coffee and talking about your vision for your wedding day. It’s a great way to get to know each other. If a bit of distance separates us, we can always video chat and talk in our pajama pants.

Can we meet up?

It totally depends on the day! On average, you can expect around 80-100 photos per hour. 

How many images will I receive?

Nope! Trust me, I know everything there is to know about weddings and exactly what they entail. From the little details during the getting ready process to where to be during the ceremony, to capturing grandma’s insane dance moves, I know exactly what moments are crucial.

Do I need to provide a shot list?

Editing can take a bit of time. I tell my clients 8-12 weeks for the delivery of the full gallery. However, I know how excited you’ll be to see them so I always try to get them back ASAP, and of course I’ll be posting sneak peaks as I go along!

When will I receive my photos after the wedding?

(okay fine I'll put down the thesaurus)

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