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White Sands National Park // Morgan & Britton

When Morgan got in touch with me for my first couples session in White Sands National Park, I was ecstatic. I had been here for a family session and a couple other times while passing through on road trips, taking a few self portraits. But to actually do my specialty- couples photos- I couldn’t imagine my job getting any better.

But then Morgan and Britton showed up. And oh yeah. Things got better. Morgan is also a photographer, and while most of us are scared to work with our own kind for fear of judgement, I love it! I could whip out any weird prompt and these two just went for it like it was totally normal. Photographers just know to melt into the situation. For people who love their cameras, we’re super good at ignoring them.

And can we talk about the dresses Morgan brought?! She rented both of them from Flutter Dress and now I want to encourage all my couples to do the same. I can’t believe the way these dresses look in the wind, catching the golden sunlight. Beyond amazing. That first blue dress looks like water, doesn’t it?

Morgan and Britton were originally going to come out to New Mexico for a big styled wedding shoot. There was going to be camels rented out and everything!! Because of Covid, those plans had to be scrapped. That didn’t stop these parents of 3 from planning their own desert getaway. Yup. These two have 3 kids. But maaaaaan they still can turn the steam up to a 10. It was such a joy to document the love this couple shares. We laughed so hard, ran all over the dunes, got a little lost sometimes, and watched the sun shoot its last sunbeams into the glistening sand. I don’t know what we did to deserve White Sands National Park. But I’m so glad we have it.

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