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Vow Renewal // Ruidoso, New Mexico

When Kaylie appeared one day in my inbox, asking if I would be interested in documenting her and her husbands ten year vow renewal in Ruidoso, New Mexico, I knew it would be an absolute joy working with them. After 17 years together and ten years married, they decided to were come to Ruidoso from Texas to celebrate. At their wedding, they stuck with the traditional vows. This time, they wanted to express themselves in their own words surrounded by the lush trees, crystal clear lakes, and mountains that define this part of New Mexico.

Kaylie and James are the prototype for a marriage that just works. They laugh together so effortlessly, still flirt like they just met, and are clearly so in love with eachother. They have the warmest, friendliest demeanors. Talking with them felt like we had been friends for ages. Sessions with people who make me laugh this hard are my absolute favorites

Walking around the lake, Kaylie and James expressed to me how “them” Ruidoso was. And I agree. They fit flawlessly into the environment. You could just tell how at home they were.

When I delivered the session, Kaylie sent me one of the best emails I’ve gotten from a client:

“Andrea!! These are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! We love them so f***ing much!!!!!! This was such a special moment and investing in you to capture these memories for us was an amazing decision that I will never regret. Not only were you so great to work with, it was actual FUN! We left our session both saying how much fun we just had and that our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much. A million thank you’s 💗💗 As far as the vow photos, we appreciate that so very much 😊 So funny because I don’t even really remember you there for that part. Which is perfect, right?!”

It was amazing working with you both, Kaylie and James!

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