Tropical Havana Wedding at Paradise Hills Golf Club // Albuquerque, New Mexico -

Tropical Havana Wedding at Paradise Hills Golf Club // Albuquerque, New Mexico

Back in July I had the absolute greatest time taking photos for a styled wedding at Paradise Hills Golf Club in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m still so amazed that this all came together, that I feel as though I already have a place in the New Mexico wedding scene. This whole experience was phenomenal and I am so grateful to all the people who made this come together. It has already helped me in booking southwest weddings and I’m so excited for more opportunities in the future!

My biggest thanks goes to Tiffany, a wedding planner of Tiffany Burke Events. I knew that in order to break into a whole new area, I would have to make it look like I shot weddings in that area. Styled shoots are the way to do it! On a very nervous whim, I worked up the courage to message her over Instagram. I told her I would absolutely love to work with her on a styled wedding and to help as many vendors as I could with providing content. From there, she absolutely blew my mind. She planned an entire shoot based on the limited time I would be in New Mexico, put together a gorgeous, colorful, fun theme that works with my style of photography SO flawlessly. I can’t thank her and her genius mind enough!!

The bride and groom models, Siera and Nick, just blew my mind. I wasn’t expecting an actual couple for a “fake” wedding but they brought all the genuine love, chemistry, and laughter that comes with every real wedding I’ve ever shot. So many people have been shocked it wasn’t a real wedding! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have gotten to work with them. Aren’t they crazy beautiful??!

The venue, Paradise Hills Golf Club, was the perfect colorful backdrop to this styled shoot. With how green and vibrant this place was, I couldn’t believe I was in New Mexico! Trees lined the pathways, soft grass coated the whole property, and the stunningly colorful Sandia Mountains poked up over the horizon. The staff was so helpful and sweet throughout the day. This place is truly one of the best of Albuquerque.

Dillards was an all-in-one type deal, providing the lavish tableware as well as the attire for the bridal party and groom. Every person looked awesome and every table looked like a place I would want to sit and eat eeeeevery day!

David’s Bridal provided the wedding gown, one of my favorites I’ve ever seen. All the flippy, lacey, lightweight, beautiful potential!

The tuxedo was brought in by Mr. Tux. Though it was July in New Mexico, Nick didn’t seem to sweat for a second, even when I had him in a hot car. There’s obviously some magic going on in these tuxes.

The nails were done by Color Street. They provide a unique, quick way to get awesome nails! No wet paint, no waiting to dry, some seriously amazing and vibrant colors. They’re gonna take over the nail world by storm.

My Beloved Vintage supplied the table and chairs rentals. I absolutely loved the style of the furniture, a vintage, beachy, laid-back vibe.

Ryan Smith Cello provided music for our “reception”. Though there was only a few of us present, he was truly a whole one-man-band and got us all moving!

The flowers! Oh my lord the flowers. I could not believe the vivid variety on these arrangements! They pulled together the entire theme so perfectly and really prove that you can have as many colors as you want on your wedding day! The talented mind behind them was The Flower Company, based in Albuquerque.

The amazing glass and calligraphy invitations were so full of personality and elegance. They were made by Cordially Invited.

We even had an officiant take part in the shoot! Life Happening Ministries is so friendly, kind and fun-loving, everything an officiant should be!

The fantastic cake was made by Anna. I loved the simple design with flowers wrapped around it, packing a huge punch of life and color!

Aleeah Lynn double worked herself as both the makeup artist and model! She was amazing!

And last but now least, a huge shout out to the remaining models who made up a whole bridal party! Aleeha, Asha, Kaido, Luis. I can’t believe some of you didn’t know eachother before this! You brought the same exact energy and fun that I see for every wedding! Thank you so much for being so easy going withe everything and making this experience an absolute blast!



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