Tips for Postponing your Wedding Due to Covid-19 -

Tips for Postponing your Wedding Due to Covid-19




In these unprecedented times of facing Covid-19, it can be really hard to find the words to say. It’s hard to know what to do. Engaged couples are forced to face decisions they never thought they’d encounter. Can we just go back to choosing bridesmaid dress colors?! Damn pandemic.

If your wedding is within the next couple of months you may be facing the possibility of postponing. Some of these decisions are made by the government, the venues, or even just by looking out for the safety of yourself and your guests. No matter what, it’s incredibly heartbreaking, especially after planning the perfect day for so long.

I’m here to hopefully help ease some of these anxiety and frustrations. Of course, nothing can top the initial plan that you worked so hard for but I encourage you to take deep breaths, let go, and dive into exploring the possibilities. It sucks big time, I know. But the options may lead you to something you still love!

If you are postponing, here are some tips to help you through:

  • Ask your vendors for their availability for 2020 and 2021. I highly recommend choosing a weekday to ensure you can keep all of your vendors. Weekends can be pretty booked up! Or pick a few dates and see which one has the most availability from your vendors.

  • If one of your vendors is unavailable for your moved date, ask if they can hire an associate for you. These associates work under your original vendor, and your original vendor will make sure they produce quality work that aligns with theirs.

  • Make sure to keep your guests updated about what’s going on. In these times, no one likes to be left in the dark

  • Consider eloping in the meantime. Escape to the wilderness. Get epic photos. It only takes two people to get married! I know letting go of your bigger wedding is tough but you can still have a huge (and healthy) party later on! You can use technology to your advantage. Have relatives FaceTime the ceremony. Or go  on Facebook live! 

  • I said it before and I’ll say it again. Deep breaths. Practice meditation. Be patient, kind, and understanding. Your vendors care about you, want to help and want you to talk to them. You are not alone in any of this. Thousands of couples are going through the same thing. I recommend joining this Facebook group.

    Always remember, this is temporary. You and your fiancé WILL get married. And down the line, you’ll be able to throw the party of your dreams.

    Hang in there. Wash your hands. Stay inside. Much love. <3 


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    I’ve recently had to postpone my wedding and so have read a few of these kinds of posts/articles. With that said this is the first post that actually spoke to me and made me feel a bit better. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. Also, I love your quarantine date night ideas. My fiance and I will definitly be checking a few of those off.

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