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Taos, New Mexico Elopement // Hotel Luna Mystica

Ohhhhh this elopement session!! Well. Technically kinda not really. Gemma and Hector had eloped a few days before in Santa Fe before heading to Taos for their honeymoon! And what an amazing place for a honeymoon, right? Taos is my favorite place in New Mexico. There’s just something intensely magical about it. Click here to check out this other Taos elopement back in August!

The Couple

I’m so honored to have been chosen to document this momentous time in this couples lives. Gemma and Hector are long distance. Very. Hector is here in New Mexico and Gemma calls the UK home! After being long distance for so many years, they decided to elope and Hector will be moving across the world soon! I’m so excited for them! I know how hard long distance is and everything they’re accomplishing together is such a huge deal. Also, they’re just the best kinda people. So adventurous, down-to-earth, and beyond joyful together. I just adore people like this. In love, fun-loving people are my jam.

They wore the same outfits they did on their elopement day. That shimmery skirt in the scene of snow and mountains- just incredible.

I had an absolute blast with these two and am so thankful to have connected with them! I was kinda sad when the session ended and I may or may not have asked them to take me to the UK….

The Session

Two days before this session, a huge winter storm barreled through Taos, New Mexico. We had originally planned the session that day but I was SO glad that we postponed. We were able to safely get to the location and were met with the most incredible snow-covered scenes

At the last minute, my boyfriend and I decided to go snowboarding in Taos the day after. We were lucky enough to snag a trailer at Hotel Luna Mystica to stay in! I have been dying to use this location for a session and was thrilled that Gemma and Hector were on board! There is nothing like this place. Each vintage trailer has their own name and personality of their own. The one we used was named Jazzy, a cute little 50s Spartan with a southwestern flair. Perfect for a Taos elopement session.

Afterwards, we headed to a picturesque location down the road and I was surprised to see a full moon peaking up over the mountains! This whole location was beyond perfect.



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