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Taos, New Mexico Elopement // Marina + Andrew

This Taos, New Mexico elopement came out of nowhere for me. A post in a New Mexico wedding vendors group asked for a photographer for a last minute, spontaneous elopement two weeks after. LEMME TELL YA, I JUMPED RIGHT ON THAT.

Adventure elopements have been a dream for me since I started documenting weddings. It was a goal for me to combine two of my biggest loves: photography and travel, with how much fun it is to work with couples. I was SO excited to shoot at the Rio Grande Bridge over the canyon. To have panoramic mountains, a southwest sunset, and a sweet, fun couple getting married at a place like this- wow. Astronauts actually trained at it cause of it’s similarity to the APOLLO LANDING SITE. Could things get any more awesome than this?! Just one step closer to one day shooting a wedding on the moon. Goals.

One of the great things about this job is getting a better sense of the world through different traditions, cultures, and beliefs. I had never seen a ceremony with a Shaman before this elopement. It was so beautiful to witness. Marina and Andrew were so at peace and seemingly just melted into nature, and with eachother. They became a part of the scenery.

Marina and Andrew are traveling couple goals. These two have been everywhere. They had originally planned a big wedding for May, but ultimately postponed. Coming from Texas, they planned a getaway to Taos, New Mexico to get out of the heat and see some mountains. Taos is that and more. This place is hands down one of the most magical places I’ve been to. When you’re there, you feel like you’ve stepped into another world; and that’s exactly how this elopement felt.

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