Sitting Bull Falls Couples Session // Cayli + Trent -

Sitting Bull Falls Couples Session // Cayli + Trent

Whenever I go back to Sitting Bull Falls, southwest of Carlsbad, New Mexico, I feel overcome with thankfulness that I get to use this oasis for so many sessions! I’ll never get tired of the turquoise pools, the waterfalls that seem to change every time I see them, and the lush plants that somehow thrive in the desert.

I will also never get sick of how cute it is when an already-married couple decides to still take professional photos together. Please make this more of a tradition! Cayli and Trent just moved to New Mexico recently so decided to document this new phase of their lives by embracing the nature of the state and taking photos in it!

For some reason, this couple brought out my absolute weirdness. They were lucky enough to get all my strangest prompts, worst jokes, and loudest laughs and they just reciprocated! I absolutely loved working with them and had the greatest time. I’m the type that feeds off of the energy that is given to me within the first few seconds and Cayli and Trent are the types to make you feel like you can just be yourself. They’re so much fun, have hilarious chemistry, and you can just tell they don’t take life too seriously and try to enjoy every little moment. They’re the kind of people I love surrounding myself with and the world needs more of them.

And I need more sessions at Sitting Bull Falls!





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    Oh my goodness!!!! You have said it perfectly!!! That is our family!!! Life is way too short to take it so serious! I’m so happy they found you and you got to experience the joy we have when we are all together!!! Thank you for being you!!! Thank you for capturing the fun these 2 have together in a new adventure in a new place!!! ❤️

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