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Engagement Session at Sitting Bull Falls, Carlsbad, New Mexico // Addie + Ramon

About an hour west of the city of Carlsbad, New Mexico, is an oasis tucked away in the rolling hills and mountains of the desert. People travel from all over New Mexico to escape the 100+ degree weather of the southwest summers and jump into cool, green springs. This is what I love about New Mexico. One moment you can be in absolute brown flatness, and the next you’re surrounded by giant rock formations and thriving plant life and streams.

This was my third time here and I was so beyond excited to have Addie and Ramon with me this round. They are one of my first New Mexico couples EVER and I met them in person through kickball! Addie and I bonded over being homeschooled and how, quite honestly, we have the best personalities because of it. Not to brag.

On the way back home to Carlsbad after their session (and right before a game of kickball), I got to listen to their story a bit more than I usually get the chance to.

Addie and Ramon met at New Mexico State University, in the same music history class! Addie was smart as hell (because of the homeschooling, obs) and Ramon maaaaay have sat next to her in order to peak over at her test answers. Eventually, Addie agreed to help tutor him and was excited to make a new friend. Through mutual friends, they saw more and more of eachother and eventually started noticing one another in a new light. One night, Ramon was playing ping pong and caught a glance at Addie and something in him clicked. He threw down his paddle, chased her halfway up a flight of stairs, and asked her for a breakfast date. She agreed, not realizing at first that it was a date. When she got to the top of the stairs, the lightbulb went off and a friend of her asked her why she was suddenly so freaked out. She still went for it! They had breakfast in one of my favorite places in Carlsbad that I am never awake on time for: Blue House Cafe. And Addie proceeded to talk Ramon’s ear off out of nervousness. Relatable. So relatable.

Though Addie was a little apprehensive about Ramon’s quiet demeanor, they went for a second date. This time, Ramon asked her to meet up with him at an alleyway, with the question “are you athletic?”, rendering Addie very confused. They proceeded to climb on on a rooftop, where Ramon had put a speaker there, and taught her how to dance. They stared up at the giant, bright New Mexico sky together and saw a shooting star fly by. My. Freakin. Heart.

It all tied together with how he proposed to her a few years later. He took her to that same rooftop, where he had placed a trail of candles leading to a circle of light. There was a table of strawberries, and once again that speaker playing music. This time, it was Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. As Ramon got down on one knee, his voice cracked a little. Addie screamed, cried her eyes out, and couldn’t sleep a wink that night.

AND NOW I’M TEARING UP A LITTLE TOO SO I NEED TO STOP. I am so beyond happy I get to document their engagement and their wedding next year. And play kickball with them. These two are a dream <3





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