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50 Self Isolation Date Night Ideas! How to Still Have Fun Together at Home in the Midst of Covid-19

Without a doubt, we’re living in a scary time right now. Self isolation and social distancing are crucial to keeping eachother safe in times of a pandemic. With a lot of your favorite date nights closing down to prevent community spread, it can lead to cabin fever and boredom, especially if you’re a fun-loving, adventurous, active couple. It can be easy to feel alone and depressed in these times. It can be easy to lose patience and motivation. It’s going to get hard.

These times are full of uncertainty and fear but it’s so important to remember the lighthearted times and to keep a sense of humor. So! I have come up with a list of 50 ideas to still have a blast together while you hunker down and wait for this virus to blow over. There’s something in it for everyone! From the active to artistic, movie buffs to music people, pet lovers to plant lovers, you’ll find something to help make this time a little easier, and to keep the fun alive in your relationship!




  1. Watch old music videos. Dive into the stuff you listened to as a teenager. The music videos you haven’t watched in a decade!

  2. Take a virtual tour of museums. Click here for a list of museums that offer them!

  3. Sign up for a free trial and take an online class together on Skillshare

  4. Tackle a puzzle while listening to dramatic action movie music

  5. Make up your own drinking games. Or try to figure out how True American from New Girl works. JFK! FDR!

  6. Download Roller Coaster Tycoon, make insane roller coasters together

  7. Build a living room fort. I don’t care how old you are. Do it.

  8. After that, rearrange the furniture since you made a mess anyway. Create a whole new space to hang out in without ever leaving the house!

  9. Cook meals you never would’ve thought to do before. Toilet paper and canned food are possibly out of stock but most basic foods shouldn’t be – especially if you shop local

  10. Set up a self timer, do your own in-home couples photoshoot. Include your cat like this couple did! He’ll hate it but it’ll be hilarious!




11. YouTube karaoke songs. Embarrass yourself. Livestream it on Facebook to help get peoples minds on something else besides pandemics

12. Read books to each other. My parents have been doing this forever and they’ve been married 29 years. There’s gotta be something to it.

13. Order prints of yourselves together and make a photo album of all your adventures. (Bonus! If you’ve been my client in the past I’m offering 50% off of prints! Just use the code MARCH2020 at check out!)

14. Bring back home videos. Record what’s happening randomly. Compile it to remember these weird, historic times in the future

15. Play would you rather. Have some healthy arguments. Don’t get too heated though, we gotta #stayhome

16. Youtube dance lessons. Much like karaoke but with more burned calories.

17. Remember Stumbleupon.com? Do some website exploring! There’s so much out there to learn that we don’t even know exists!

18. Deep clean the house. This is a terrible date night idea but my boyfriend and I really need to do this so you probably do too

19. Have themed movie days! Watch all horror movies one day then all Pixar movies the next to ease the jitters.

20. Try teaching your pet tricks. My cat will not do this but maybe your pet is less broken.




21. Get some paint and canvases and have a paint night! Bob Ross will show the way

22. Take personality tests and learn more about each other. The 5 Love Languages, The Enneagram Personality Test, and Myers and Briggs’ 16 Personalities are all awesome

23. Learn a new video game together. New Animal Crossing comes out on Friday!

24. Pick random Pinterest crafts, do them, decorate your house with them

25. Travel via Google Maps. Explore the streets of somewhere you’ve never even heard of. Click here to be dropped off in a random location on earth. Try to guess where you are!

26. Make a list of all the epic things you do once the pandemic has passed.

27. If you have a Twister mat hiding somewhere, bring that out. Or make your own! Pray for your lower back.

28. Since there’s no sports, make tournaments out of random things. Make a bracket for the worst baby names of 2020. Debate what foods are considered sandwiches or soup. 

29. Play poker. Any version.

30. Lord of the Rings marathon. Or Star Wars. Be nerdy.




31. Watch stuff you’ve never heard of on Netflix or a genre you would never have considered

32. Get a subscription box to solve some murders together through https://www.huntakiller.com/

33. Organize an in-home scavenger hunt 

34. Do yoga together. Some studios are even live streaming classes! I also highly recommend Yoga with Adrienne. She’s amazing!

35. Pull out the instruments you’ve left in the dust. Learn some songs, make a band. Become next White Stripes

36. Meditate. These times are stressful. There’s so much to think about. Try to release it. Get all peaceful n stuff.

37. Try to remember all your old logins from your early internet days. Reminisce and cringe. Your MySpace misses you.

38. Keep watching recommended videos till you get to the weird part of YouTube. But then keep going.

39. Blast a dance party playlist on Spotify. Dance together with your cat if he didn’t want to learn any tricks.

40. Learn how to do a split or any other gymnastics you haven’t been able to do since childhood. I may personally attempt a back-bend kickover. See who can do it better.




41. Start a couples vlog or blog. Maybe you’ll get famous and get sponsors one day!

42. Let’s not forget its almost spring! Start gardening! Try to plant something you never have before. Become plant parents and bring the outside in.

43. Watch your cat lose their mind on catnip. (Can you tell I’m a cat person?)

44. Keep a journal together. We’re going through a historic time. This will be insane to look back on in the future

45. NERF WARS!!!!!!!!

46. Watch trash TV and judge everyone. If you watched Love is Blind alone, time to get your SO to watch it with you!

47. Download Tik Tik, look up the hashtag #coupleschallenge, do all the dumb stuff them kids are doing and laugh about it

48. Download Duolingo and learn a new language. Travel there when the virus is gone and put your skills to the test

49. Invent something together. The world has needs that need to be met at every corner.

50. Call your parents. Facetime your friends. Party through the internet. Isolation doesn’t have to be lonely or boring.

Just stay home, everyone, and have fun.

So much love <3


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