Sandia Mountains Engagement // Jory & Trevor |

Sandia Mountains Engagement // Jory & Trevor

Jory and Trevor chose one of their favorite hikes in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico for their engagement session and I COULD NOT be more in awe. These mountains bring it every single time.

I’m so inspired by them to be who I want. Meaning? I honestly, really, truly believed I was adventurous, badass, and in shape until I met them. They DO NOT mess around and it motivates me to get into gear. For example: they daily mountain climb, are heavily involved in outdoors safety, and they straight up live ON the Sandias. Can you imagine?! Dream house right there. We originally chose their neighborhood for engagement photos, but we opted to take a hike. Since their wedding was moved to their backyard, we wanted to get some variety!

The hike was absolutely beautiful. Right off the bat, deep green fields meet you and lay a soft carpet for hundreds of aspens to call home. From there, you wind down to an overlook with a panoramic view of Albuquerque and its mountains. The dust was a bit tough to get a clear view but you see the city lights and the hot desert sun poking through. The views here provide. Every time.

The way back up is always much harder than going down. The sun gives you the colors of slipping beneath the horizon to provide moral support. Shades of oranges and yellow bounce through the atmosphere as I huffed and puffed my way up. My face was bright red but Jory and Trevor are graceful mountain antelopes (are those a thing?). The scaled back up the mountain with such an ease that I can only aspire to. More hikes and mountain climbs for me, please!

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