Sandia Crest Wedding Session // Jaycie & Adam -

Sandia Crest Wedding Session // Jaycie & Adam

Jaycie and Adam were supposed have their wedding on the day we ventured out to the Sandia Crest in Albuquerque. But of course, Covid did what it does best and threw them for a loop. They decided to postpone and runaway together to Albuquerque for a weekend getaway. I’m so honored they booked another session with me to celebrate their love! Check out their original engagement session last year:

It wasn’t exactly what the weekend was supposed to be but they made the absolute most of it. They wore their wedding bands to symbolize their wedding day, got dressed up, and met me on the Sandia Crest.

Even though nothing can make up for a wedding day, the Sandia Crest and the sky put on an absolute show for them. I’ve been up here so many times but I’ve NEVER seen the sky do anything like this. Monsoon season in Albuquerque is pure magic. You can go from bright sky, to rainbows, to golden sunsets, to dark stormy clouds in the matter of an hour.

Witnessing all of it while having Jaycie and Adam in front of the camera was a joy. They have been together for six years and it’s so clear how happy and comfortable they are together. As I’m writing this blog, the song that goes “home is wherever I’m with you” started playing and that’s exactly them. They’re hilarious, sweet, and welcoming. And bonus: they post some of the most fire memes in my Facebook feed and I value them so much for that 😂



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