McKittrick Canyon Couples Session // Jessica + Jason -

McKittrick Canyon Couples Session // Jessica + Jason

Today something happened that only happens once every 5 years: it snowed in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Of course, I have literally just moved here to snowbird so clearly I have the most insane timing ever. Not only is it the first snowy day in Carlsbad in ages, but it’s also Jessica and Jason’s 8 year wedding anniversary! I felt lime it was the perfect time to write up a blog post for them to not only celebrate a time when we were all much warmer, but to celebrate them as a couple!

Jessica and Jason have been together for 10 years, married for exactly 8. You’d never think it though! They act like highschool sweethearts together, making eachother giggle and laugh effortlessly, whispering “I love you” whenever they felt it in the moment. This is the epitome of what marriage goals are.

I usually work with couples about to be married or on the day of their wedding, hardly anyone who’s been married for a good amount of time! So naturally, I had some questions. I asked them what they think the secret to an awesome marriage is. They spoke so highly of the book, The 5 Love Languages. Figuring this out is intrinsic to making a relationship- and even more so a marriage- last.

I re-took that quiz again today as I know I’m the type of person who changes opinions a lot. Still quality time! Nothing means more than just spending time together, even in silence, just taking in life together.

What’s your love language?





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