Lizette &Jacob // A Styled El Paso Elopement -

Lizette &Jacob // A Styled El Paso Elopement

I miss weddings big time. In the last 7 months, I’ve only had one very small backyard wedding, sealing this as the longest dry spell I’ve had in my career. You truly know you have an amazing job when your life feels a little empty when you can’t do it. I become incredibly restless so easily. I love having things to do. I love staying busy. I need to have something to look forward to at all times. Weddings have given me such a feeling of excitement every single weekend and without them, things have become a bit less magical.

I miss all the feelings on wedding days- from subtle smirks to loud unbridles laughter, to ugly sobbing. I miss seeing brides transform themselves into absolute royalty. I miss seeing grooms grow in nervous excitement as the day goes on. The heartfelt vows. The looks shared between the couple as they take in the moment together. This day is the first of thousands.

The longer the pandemic goes on, the more I think about these things. The year 2020 is hard to accept sometimes. But I’m a firm believer that if you have control over something, you should make it happen.

So I made a little elopement happen. It’s no big wedding. But it is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been wanting to document more of. Due to the pandemic, people have been looking into eloping more than ever before, often making it their plan B. I want to let couples know they can feel comfortable with eloping and that so many of the myths about them are just that: myths! Families won’t be upset. It won’t feel any less special than a big wedding does. It doesn’t even have to be just the two of you! Eloping is the freedom of doing absolutely anything you want and to adopt possibilities that would not have been feasible with a big wedding. Elopements are liberating. And badass.

Now, about this shoot!

On the way home from El Paso, Kevin and I pulled over onto the side of the road to explore a bit. We found this INCREDIBLE place in the shadow of El Capitan of the Guadalupe Mountains and once he posted a photo on instagram, I knew I had to make a wedding happen there. I bought the dress and hat first. I knew I wanted a free-spirited, light, fun vibe and I think they reflect that perfectly! I put out a model call on Facebook and Instagram and it was so incredibly hard to choose.

Once Lizette and Jacob found me, I knew it had to be them. Both active on Instagram, it is so apparent how much they love eachother. They hike together, do charity work together, and support one another in everything. The thing that sold me was that for a date night, Jacob had blindfolded Lizette and taken her to a UHaul he had completely decked out in string lights, photos of them together, and a dinner table with their favorite foods. The city lights of El Paso glistened in the distance. They just looked so indescribably happy together and in love and I knew they were the ones for this elopement.

I am so grateful for this day, and especially Lizette and Jacob <3

Special thanks as well to Social Planner Events for the dried bouquet! We loved it!



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