Kitalou Gin Wedding // Lubbock, Texas -

Kitalou Gin Wedding // Lubbock, Texas

When you think of a wedding in Lubbock, Texas, the words that come to mind aren’t typically “regal, jewel-toned, or velvet”. Weeeeell let me change your mind on that real quick.

I was blown away by the details when I walked into Destiny and Joey’s wedding. Starting with the venue itself, Kitalou Gin. This isn’t your typical barn venue. Many venues don’t care about having great lighting or eye-catching backdrops. It’s understandable, since venues are made for couples- but this one felt like they also had photographers on the mind when they built it. I can work with any venue and lighting situation but man I appreciated this place.

The day started off in a small building designated for getting ready before the ceremony. The bright, sunny rooms are the perfect backdrop to have some champagne, blast some music, and get ready with all your favorite people. Destiny’s bridesmaids all had different, colorful robes that popped against the white walls and the ornate, gold mirrors that hung in every room.

The ceremony took place in a giant room with tall ceilings. String lights zig-zagged overhead and the greenery of the decorations popped against the weathered steel walls. The ceremony was beautiful. Destiny and Joey’s kids stole the show, no offense to Destiny and Joey of course. Cutest kids EVER. Their son walked Destiny down the aisle while their daughter was the flower girl. Both were absolute experts at their craft.

We wandered outside for some photos before the reception and Kitalou Gin showed its beauty even more. There were just so many places to take photos! The greenery of the grass, the jewel tones of the bridal party attire, and the rich blue Texas sky made for the most vivid, lively photos. It’s unbelievable this place is only minutes away from downtown Lubbock!

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