Jemez Springs, New Mexico Engagement // Leanna & Julian -

Jemez Springs, New Mexico Engagement // Leanna & Julian

The Location- Jemez Springs, New Mexico

New Mexico still amazes me with how much variety it has. You can be in the flat desert in the morning, drive 4 hours, and end up nestled in a canyon in Jemez Springs taking engagement photos for a gorgeous couple. When people ask where they should go for their engagement session, I honestly get a little overwhelmed. How could you possibly choose?!

When we have mountain peaks, winding rivers, crazy rock formations, white sands stretching for miles, and giant skies, the possibilities seem endless. However, I think we made an incredible choice with the Las Conchas Trail in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.

For the last two years, my friends and I have gone camping in this area. I thought I had gone camping growing up. Then I went camping here. No facilities, no home office, far from civilization. Turns out I had only been “glamping” before. And then I had to use Jemez Springs for some engagement photos immediately.

The Couple – Leanna + Julian

Okay so Leanna and Julian. Ohhh my goodness these two are so easy to work with. They’ve been together 10 years and have a chemistry that’s electric. Cheers to couples who are still head over heels after so long! These two just flowed together, giving themselves an experience in which I barely even had to pose them. Most of these poses? All on them. They made every moment of this so natural and intimate. I’m obsessed.

Also can you believe these two have four kids?? Hot parents right here. And super fun. For Christmas, they’ve put together the most insane light display at their house. Complete with singing snowmen! I’ve been put to shame. Most people have been put to shame. They’re straight up channeling Danny DeVito in that Christmas movie Deck the Halls. Absolutely inspirational.

Anyway! Leanna and Julian are incredible and I’m so excited to shoot their wedding in 2021!

To book your own engagement session at Jemez Spings, or somewhere equally amazing in New Mexico, click here!



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