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A Carefree Engagement at The Flumes, Carlsbad, New Mexico // Nika + Chris


One of the first things I ever knew about Carlsbad, New Mexico, looong before I ever went there, was that it had these flumes to transport water to the city from the Pecos River, making it the “only river that crosses itself”. As it turns out, ya can’t really dig for water when you live in the desert and you gotta get a little crazy with water transportation. Lucky for us, for a structure that could easily be something industrial looking, grey and ugly, this place provides a unique and rustic looking structure framing the expansive New Mexico landscape.

While I was in Carlsbad for a week in May, I was so lucky to have found 3 incredible, down-to-earth, and adventurous couples to meet and work with. (Remember when our parents told us not to meet people from the internet? Whoops). Nika and Chris were the first of the three!

I got to the flumes a little early, still a little stuffed up from a lingering cold. But just standing outside in that dry warmth just feels soooo good. Birds flocked by the dozens, hovering overhead. You could hear every kind of animal chirping and singing, and the trickling of the stream weaving through the rocks and weeds. For being such a desert, New Mexico truly becomes alive in the springtime. Its everything this always-shivering soul needs.

Eventually, Nika and Chris joined me and instantly we hit it off. Some couples I have to remind myself to take photos of because we end up getting so caught up in conversation! That’s Nika and Chris, I could seriously talk to these two all day. They are so stinkin’ sweet to eachother and every one of their stories solidified how much they love eachother. Recently engaged, these lovebirds are crazy in love and their chemistry shows in every photo. I’m so lucky to have met them!




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